Est in 1998 by Jayne Bond, Bonds & Co specialize in the best hair loss solutions available at the moment within the hair industry.


Jayne spent 24 years as a key part of the ’Racoon International’ education team, travelling and teaching extensions across the world. As a part of their ‘ART Team’ she spent many years as a hairdresser to the stars such as ‘Atomic Kitten’ star , Natasha Hamilton. Working as a member of the team also allowed Jayne to take part in hair styling for big name TV shows such as ’ CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER’ twice while also creating looks for magazine cover shoots and hair journals.

At the salon we offer all aspects of hair extensions ranging from Hot bonding, Locks, custom locks, weft’s, tape’s, I tip's, Invisiweft and Micro link.

Our highly educated and skilled team also offer a variety of ways to indulge in a ‘new you’ look including cornrow’s/ braids, hair color's, hair up and a range of beauty and facial treatments.

We promote only what we believe in and therefore offer Racoon and beauty works extension hair which at the moment are best selling brands with only the best quality.

Bonds are proud to sell ’Color WOW’ designed by top celebrity hair dresser Chris Appleton and ‘ALFAPARF’ hair products that are ingrained into our work and hair designs with every client.

Our mesh integration and non surgical hair replacements can be achieved on men and women and are styled and customized to every clients want and to suit the wearer.

Our newest venture is the CNC system which we will be offering very soon. We will be one of four places in Europe offering this revolutionary system which is totally unique and 100% custom made and designed for the user. It is undetectable and shows outstanding results.

Bonds will be offering finance options for all aspects of our work to ensure there are obstacles in your way.

For privacy and discretion, Bond’s offer a private room for any clients per booking request.

CNC Hair System

Revolutionary new hair/ scalp system.

CNC is made from the measurements of you scalp and is sculpted to fit over your existing hair perfectly. The difference between this and the mesh integration is that the CNC is practically undetectable and when it’s parted it appears as a part of the wearer’s natural scalp.

Nothing is stitched onto your head but, it is hand implanted into a natural base as close to the wearer’s scalp and hair colour as possible to suit you. This system lasts between 18 months and 2 years with the proper after care!

Then the system will be sent off for maintenance and at this time you would either be without the system or you have the opportunity to purchase another system so you will have two which means that if and when there comes a time that your existing system is sent off you have a spare/ replacement.

This system is currently the best system in the world of it’s kind! 

Mesh Integration

Mesh integration is the process of using a mesh netting to which is then placed at the root of the scalp, the mesh is completely comfortable and allows the scalp to breathe under it, while there is no need to shave your own hair before application.

Once the mesh has been fitted and cut to fit perfectly, real hair is then interlocked with your natural hair. After this the hair is then styled and cut to your exact specification and desire. As the pictures show the results are an amazing, thicker and still natural looking full head of hair! 



The non surgical hair replacements are stuck down directly to the wearer. Women’s are taped by a professional tape and matched exactly to wearer's colour followed by a style of your choice.

Every 5 weeks the piece must be removed at the salon to be cleaned and reattached.

Much like the women’s the men’s systems last 5 weeks and then must be removed, cleaned and reattached at the salon.

Unlike the women’s the men’s must be glued by a special adhesive and then once again styled and cut as the consumer wishes. 

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